My new favorite head canon is that Nitori is actually the one with control and Rin is the pushover that will do anything his kouhai wants. He tries to deny it but he is whipped.

I found my ds (I was almost certain that my nephew took and placed it somewhere unknown bc he’s been so enamored with it lately)
I was gonna seriously cry over it for a KINDA STUPID reason if I couldn’t find it
….my favorite makoharu pajama charms are on it Q^Q

Well now that that is settled, gonna try to sleep


On the next episode of Free! Eternal Summer...Haru: "I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go."


imagine makoto taking haruka on a date to a beachside amusement park.
imagine makoto shrieking on roller coasters and pretty much crying in the haunted house and haru remaining unphased through all the rides
until haruka sees a clown and he just turns and pulls makoto in the complete opposite…


One thing I often wondered was, ‘Where the hell is Ren whenever Aoba is in trouble?’
And this scene answers that.
Whenever Aoba suspects there may be trouble, his first instinct is to protect Ren; switch him off, and hide him. His first thought is not for himself but for this irreplaceable, special partner.
That is incredibly revealing of Aoba’s priorities.
Artist: by clear
Track: Jellyfish song

Eren bought some swaggy shades for Armin